The Royal British Nurses' Association

The Association was founded in December 1887 when Dr and Mrs Bedford-Fenwick invited a number of medical men and matrons to meet and discuss the possibility of founding an organisation of nurses, similar to the British Medical Association. H.R.H. Princess Christian was approached and agreed to become its First President.

The RBNA Administers the following Charities:

RBNA Settlement Fund
Helena Benevolent Fund
Ethel Mary Fund for Nurses
Trained Nurses Annuity Fund

Over the past years, the charities have made grants to Registered Nurses under certain circumstances. The Trustees and the Executive Committee are reviewing how to make best use of the funds of the Charities going forward.

Members of the RBNA will be aware that Henrietta (Ann) Campbell died in November 2017 and will know of the great work she performed in keeping the RBNA functioning and in making its roots and history available to a wide audience. The Executive Committee are researching how best to make a lasting Memorial to Miss Campbell.

Contact may be made with the RBNA at:

The RBNA Archives

The archives now open for the first time to provide a wealth of new information about the achievements of the RBNA itself and the development of nursing as a profession. They throw fresh light too on the inside stories behind public events.

As of October 2002, the RBNA archives are housed at Kings' College, The Strand, London, WC2R 2LS.

Viewing the Archive; please contact the email address above and the contact details at Kings’ College will be made available.

The RBNA wishes to thank the British Library for their financial support to help the restoration and cataloguing of the archives. The cataloguing was completed by Mr Richard Bowden M.A.